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Only 33% of adults worldwide are financially literate.

Roughly 3.5 billion adults globally lack an understanding of basic financial concepts, thus unable to make smart financial decisions.

At iwealth, we are committed to addressing this issue by providing interactive solutions that inspire and empower people to develop healthy money habits.

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Smart FinEd Solutions

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Your personal
Wealth Advisor
powered by AI

With human-like conversations, our chatbot built on our conversational AI platform can interact with your prospect customers 24/7. With self-evolving NLP and learning DNA, it's intelligent and learns on conversations.

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empowering youth

Guidance: Your Roadmap to Financial Freedom

The chief purpose of iwealth eco-system is to develop Financial Intelligence in youths. The tools and techniques provide them with a new, revised roadmap; enabling them to redefine their relationship with money so that it flows naturally to them.

focus group insights

I would want it to allow me to allocate a reasonable amount of money for monthly expenditures such as food and drinks, shopping etc. I would also want it to indicate whether I went over the decided amount that month and make me spend less the next month in an attempt to gain back the money.

Student – GEMS Cambridge

I would want to know how much I spent and how much I am saving that would be so much easier.

Student – Nibras International

Careful spending and planning for the future. I want it to teach me how I can save and potentially learn to invest in companies.

Student – GEMS Cambridge

the sustainable platform report

Boosting Economies

Social Return
on Investment

TSP report forecasts that the preliminary SROI for iwealth would be $17 for each $1 invested.

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